Why Hasn't Your House Sold?

When a potential buyer looks at a house for sale, they always ask the same two questions: “How much is it?” and “How long has it been on the market?”
So your home was listed for 60, 90 or even 120 days and still didn’t sell. It’s time to talk. I can help by answering your tough questions with honest answers. After all, anyone can list a house on the MLS System, but it takes special insight to identify problems and create solutions that will turn the situation around — and get your house sold in a timely manner, for the best possible price.

I welcome the opportunity to assess your home and tell you more about:
  • Why the first two minutes are critical
  • Effectively reaching 100% of all potential buyers
  • Competing against “New Home” listings
  • The curse of too much, or too little information
  • Tactics that can unwittingly hurt your chances of a sale
  • Why even in a “Hot Market”, property values can sink over time 
  • “They can make us an offer” strategy
  • Selling your house without closets or kitchen cupboards


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